Plasti Dip®


Plasti Dip is a multifunctional specialty rubber coating and air dry. You can apply it without any difficulty by spraying , brushing or dipping.  It gives  a fixed and  controlled grip that can confront moisture, slipping , abrasion, corrosion, acids  and skidding. You can be sure that it will resist in extreme weather conditions due to its stretchy, flexible  formula , which won’t crack or become brittle in any case. Plasti Dip protective coating is perfect for a broad array of DIY projects around the garden, garage , home and etc.

  • Can be easily removed from surfaces when ready to return to original surface
  • Creates a fixed, controlled and comfortable non-slip grip
  • Provides protection against moisture, abrasion , acids and corrosion of the coated items
  • Cannot become brittle and remains flexible, stretchy in any weather condition due to its formula
  • Protects against vibration, heat, electrical shock and deadens sound


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  1. How can I sell your product in Mexico??Thats mean If you have some dibsirtutor in Mexico orif I can be one or the firts one in Mexico Because i think plasti dipis one of the must wanted products in mexico for automotive industrieand even the pleople who is involved in a Tuning cars they are looking forplasti dip more and more times for ther great uses on it.

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