Prodip Swiss

Who are we? created and owned by Prodip GmbH is located in:
Oberdorfstrasse 4
CH-8852 Altendorf, Switzerland
Phone: 055 536 40 19
Fax: 055 536 40 20

Our company has big warehouse stock .
We are the largest Plasti Dip distributor in Switzerland and we are representing brands such as Performix, Earlex and etc.

Prices, costs and delivery period

We are considered  the largest distributor in Switzerland, so here you can find the lowest prices and the fastest delivery system. As soon as the order is completed, you will receive your product within 1-5 days for fixed 9 CHF per order. There is no need to wait too long, because in our huge stock all the products are in a large amount.

Discounts, gift vouchers and coupons

Though we  offer the lowest prices in Switzerland, it does not keep us from having discounts from time to time. So it’s very important to register on and join us on Facebook in order to be informed about our great discounts and get coupon codes. You will have also the possibility to give unique gifts to your friends and relatives  buying a “Gift Voucher”, which they can use for buying anything they want on

Refresh orders

You have the opportunity o refresh your previous orders and create a new order.

Delivery trucking

When the order is made, we will give you your truck number and you can easily see the delivery status.

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